We will be playing under Little League Rules

a ZERO TOLERANCE policy exists in D33 and will be adhered to by all Managers + Players


  • Be respectful to all league officials, umpires and tournament director.
  • Be respectful and show good sportsmanship to the other teams.
  • Cheer for your teammates, but when the pitcher starts his motion – ALL CHEERING STOPS
  • NO Throwing of equipment will be allowed. Anyone doing so will be subject to ejection from the game.
  • Please clean up your dugouts and spectator area after each game.


  • Be aware of your game start time
  • Arrive 30-45 minutes before start time
  • Coin toss for Home team. Loser picks dugout.
  • Present Tournament Affidavit and all supporting documents to Tournament Director (game official) 30 minutes before game time
  • All equipment will be inspected by umpires 15 minutes before game time
  • Each team will be given 10 minutes of on-field practice time before the game starts
  • Both teams must complete practice and be in their dugouts 5 minutes before game time
  • Catcher MUST wear mask with a throat guard at during ALL practice time and games.
  • Coaches and players should not leave the confines of the playing field once game starts
  • One manager and two coaches will be allowed in dugout
  • Coaching outside of the dugout will not be permitted
  • Complete lineup for official scorer is due 30 minutes before game time
  • When catched is on base at the time of the 3rd out, have another player ready to warm up the pitched (must wear mask w/ guard)


  • Mandatory play rule in effect. Manager’s responsibility
  • Coaches – 2 adults allowed. Must be on field before the 1st pitch
  • No protests – rules violations must be settled before the next pitch (so pay attention)
  • Special runner rule in effect
  • Undershirt sleeves must all be of the same color
  • All players my be in complete uniform with LL patch attached to shirt
  • Adults may not warm up players
  • Pitcher will be allowed 8 warm up pitches in the 1st inning and 5 per inning after that
  • Any player warming up the pitcher must have on helmet w/ throat guard + cup
  • Catcher’s chest protector must have a neck collar
  • Metal spikes or cleats are not permitted
  • No jewelry is to be worn except for medical alert bracelets (no ejection / must remove)
  • Ten run rule in effect
  • A starter and a substitute may re-enter the game in the same spot once they fulfill mandatory play requirements
  • Manager is responsible for providing all lineup changes to both the Plate Umpire and Official Score Keeper
  • Manager may never come onto the field without asking Umpire for time first
  • Gound rules will be covered at the plate pre-game with all the umpires. Make sure you understand them at that time.
  • No must-slide rule. Player must: 1) slide 2) retreat 3) give themselves up 4) avoid the tag. Any takeouts will be deemed malicious and the player will/may be ejected.
  • Must show up at the field (even if it’s raining) Cancellation and re-scheduling of games due to rain will be done at the field.
  • KNOW THE RULES before arriving.

Best of luck to all the teams!


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