President’s Meeting Summary – Key Dates/Info

Hi All,

Here is a summary of our last presidents meeting.
The start dates for the Little League Tournament are close to last year dates. I can’t give you firm dates or any dates until we do the drawing on May 23rd. 
Last year our biggest challenge was who was entering the tournament, which division, age group each will be entering and lastly field availability. That will once again be our biggest challenge. Once we have our meeting and drawing on the 23rd, you’ll have dates. We’re looking at June 9th to finalize all schedules. Once all schedules have been finalized and approved by Pete, they would then be accessible and updated via our Dist 33 website. 
Here are the key dates that were discussed and agreed to by those presidents at the meeting. 
1.  Notification of entry into the LL Tournament, what divisions, and how many teams. May 2nd 
     May 9th, drop dead date.
2.  Field’s availability for Hosting Tournament games BB & SB: May 9th with a drop dead date of May 15th.
3.  Schedules generated by Scott May 16th – May 20th. Sent to League Presidents and posted on website May 21st.
4.  Tournament seating/selection meeting May 23rd. Target time 7pm.
5.  All schedules to be emailed to the presidents and posted on the website by May 30th the latest.
6.  Presidents to review and approve by June 6th. All changes to submitted to Scott this date.
7. All schedules approved by the DA on 6/9. Note, this date is after the State meeting. If there are any changes to    
    any Sectional Tournament start dates, Pete will notify Scott.
We will use last year start dates as target dates for this year. These dates are subject to change based on the number of teams that enter in each division.
1.  All star teams announcement: June 15th
2.  Signing of affidavits: target start date June 18th 
3.  Managers, coaches, and umpires Tournament Rules meeting June 21st. Time to be finalized 
4.  Girls SB: week of June 23rd – June 28th
5.  Boys Baseball: 10u: Tuesday June 24th
6.  Boys Baseball: 12u: Thursday June 26th
7.  Boys Baseball: 11u: Tuesday July 8th
Lastly, it was discussed and needs to finalized, a freeze date for all schedules and what do we do if a team drops out of the tournament after the freeze date? Past practice has been to give a team/s a bye.

~ District 33 Staff ~

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